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Beko is the UK's number 1 large home appliance brand. At Beko, we understand the everyday needs people have. Our aim is to make everyday life easier through our range of helpful products, so that you have more time to do the things you love. Keeping up with the latest styles and packed with innovative technologies, there is an appliance for every home within the Beko range.


No more defrosting thanks to Frost Free technology

Our freezers leave no chance for ice to build up thanks to an automatic fan which removes warm air that enters your freezer each time you open the door. Place your appliance in your garage, outbuilding, or anywhere else in your home knowing that it will always function properly, even if temperatures drop to -15°C.

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Wash more in less time with the Daily Quick programme

Our washing machines and washer dryers offer the ultimate in quick programmes, washing a full load of laundry, up to 12kg, in just 28* minutes.

These heat pump tumble dryers can dry your clothes quicker and use less energy than a condenser tumble dryer.

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Control and monitor your dishwasher with Alexa

Control your dishwasher with your voice – with Amazon Alexa support use an Amazon Alexa device to control your dishwasher. “Alexa, ask HomeWhiz to start the dishwasher.”

For effortless washing, AutoDose technology senses the dirtiness of your dishes to automatically dispense the perfect amount of detergent and rinse aid for your load.

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Turn grease to dust with Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

At the touch of a button, your oven will heat up to a super-hot 480°C, so that all that’s left to do is wipe it clean.

The size of your pots and pans is cleverly recognised to transfer heat to only the surface that needs it, offering safer, faster, and efficient cooking.

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